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Manufacturer of Padovani Mouthpieces

Our mouthpieces are designed by us and receive the utmost care in a modern process in their manufacture.

They are produced with strict quality control and tested by outstanding musicians of the current scenario.

We innovate in several aspects looking to offer something really new and different from what is common in the market.

Learn more through the datasheet of the models that are available here on the website.







The great trumpeter Yturvides


The great Yturvides is Endorse of the mouthpieces Padovani Mouthpieces.

Along with it, we have developed the Yturvides Signature Padovani Mouthpieces line.





Atelier of wind instruments

In our atelier we provide services of luthieria and manufacture of parts for blow instruments.

We serve all line of metals and wood.

We make restorations, customizations, lacquers and baths of silver, gold, nickel and copper.

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