International Shipping (Outside of BRAZIL):

All products sold by Padovani Music are accompanied by an invoice and the amounts are signed in Brazilian currency, Real (R $). Payments for purchases on our website are operated by Paypal.

All international shipping charges that are paid at our online store, refer only to the shipping value of the products and do not include taxes.

Any import taxes or duties that may be charged in the buyer's country are not the responsibility of Padovani Music.

After sending your product, we will send you a tracking code by email.

If you have not received it within 7 days of your purchase, please contact us at [email protected] or Whatsapp +55 11 2715-8160.


National Shipping (BRAZIL):

All national shipments are made by the MAIL, which provides a tracking code to the contractor, in this case PADOVANI MUSIC, and we send this code to customers by email after shipping. If you want to receive your purchase through another transportation system, please contact us.

We encourage you to track the order. In case of any delays or failures feel free to let us know promptly. In case of loss and / or loss of the package, PADOVANI MUSIC will be responsible for sending a new product.

Exchange or return of Products

Padovani Music respects and complies with all consumer rights and even more, values the quality and satisfaction of our customers, so we are available to solve all doubts before purchase. Even so, if the customer wishes to exchange or return his product, Padovani Music will respond to the customer's request under the following terms:

Maximum period for exchange: 7 days after receipt

Product Condition: As it is a premium, silver-plated product (in the case of mouthpieces), we ask that the customer be very careful when trying out the products, so as not to damage it, especially if they are not 100% sure about your choice.

How to proceed: Contact us via email [email protected] or whatsapp +55 11 2715-8160 within 7 days after your purchase and inform your desire for exchange and/or return. Padovani Music will inform the details for sending the material back to the company, and upon receipt, a conference and evaluation will be carried out, so that Padovani Music can send a new product, according to stock availability, or make the full return of the amount invested by the customer within 3 working days, through the means of payment that the customer made the purchase with. Ex: If you purchased with a credit card, it will be reversed on the card


Padovani Music





PIX (Just so you have accounts in banks in Brazil)= 5% discount

After choosing your product, a purchase button will appear. You will then be able to choose the payment method. Choose the PIX option and use our PIX key 13.669.278/0001-06 (CNPJ). The name of the holder will appear; Marcos Antonio Padovani or Padovani Music Ltda. You will be able to process the payment directly from your app or in a web browser.

As soon as we identify receipt, you will be notified that your order is being processed. On holidays or weekends this notice may take longer. But rest assured, your transfer receipt is enough to guarantee your purchase.


CREDIT CARD - Up to 3 interest-free installments or up to 12 interest-free installments.


This payment method is operated by Mercado Pago. It is very safe, especially if you have used this payment method before.

Order confirmation is automatic when placed with a credit card.





CREDIT CARD - Paypal payment method


Use Paypal's transparent Checkout to make your purchases on our website. You will not be directed to another website.



Cash payment:

Step 1:

Go to a Western Union branch in your location.


Step 2:

Tell the agent that you want to transfer an amount to a person in Brazil.

Name: Marcos Antonio Padovani.

City: Itú

State of Sao Paulo


Step 3:

Note the MTCN code that will be provided by the agent at Western Union. This is the operation code that will ensure that this transfer can be received by us. (We will only be able to receive payment by presenting our identification document and the MTCN code. So it is safe).


Step 4:

Send this code to our email [email protected]

or to our Whatsapp +55 11 2715 8160.



Follow these steps to make a transfer within the European Union and save fees.


Step 1:

Write down the value of your purchase (product value + 40 euros shipping).


Step 2:

Make a transfer using your banking app, browser, or directly at your bank branch, using the details below.

IBAN code: IT62E0200811510000106957849

Name: Marcos Antonio Padovani

Country: Italy.


Step 3:

Send proof of transfer to our email [email protected]

or to our Whatsapp +55 11 2715 8160.


If possible, please provide your order number provided on our website to help us identify receipt.



On holidays and weekends this identification may take longer. But rest assured, the transfer receipt is your guarantee.